"JƱƧƮ ƥƕƟƫƠǤȓᾀῤⱨỷ"

360 panaromas..

Now-a-days android phones have come up with applications to create these 360 degree panaroma easily just by moving smoothly, but as we know automatic can tend to be as good as manual, but can never reach the best achieved by manual 😉

I saved 200euros(for professional software) and 50$ for video hosting :D. Guys, I didnt pirate any of them for your info, but found out a desi jugaad (workaround) to avoid spending money. To save these bucks, there have been so many clouds(ideas) popping up but not raining. Finally this cloud did the job for me 🙂

To have a look at the panaromas, click on the image and download the excel. I am not a thief so turn off any security concerns raised by excel :P.

Dharamshala Stadium such a picturesque, which I am very sure would confuse the audience to watch cricket or the beauty :S

Rishikesh, just after the rafting


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