"JƱƧƮ ƥƕƟƫƠǤȓᾀῤⱨỷ"

Back2Back BDay’s

I am Aquarius, no I am Pisces, no Cusp no no NO NO….. :S :S :S whatever may be the zodiac sign, we had great great fun with back2back birthdays :). Two additional friends joined the party other than harsh and daku, donkey and the OWL :D. You wont believe but I cant take all the gifts in a single hand.. Harmonica, soft toys, chocolates, muffler, coffee mug, sketches etc., etc., etc.,……….. One was a surprise party and the other was made SURRRRPRISING 😉 Went Salsa Salsa not for dancing 😛 but for having fajitas, chimichanga, pasta blah blah blah ( Dont ask me to pronounce these things ;-))… We had Harsh Rahman(desi version) setting the tunes for the concert on the guitar and to make some noise on the keyboard, harmonica me and dakU 🙂

A Few Screenshots of the day 🙂

A glimse of the parties at youtube:D


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