"JƱƧƮ ƥƕƟƫƠǤȓᾀῤⱨỷ"

Ever felt, a target or a countdown can only build pressure but cant help improve in any way? I never used to care about battery until my mobile started showing me in percentages and graphic showing it going down 😛 I feel ignoring target makes it easy to achieve. This blog has more than ten ton visits now in a month’s time. 😀 😀 😀 hurray!!!

Visitors from across the globe. Thanks to dPs for selecting my pic 🙂

Visitors from across the globe, thanks dPs(digital photography school)

Getting a bit retrospective, having a look at the photographic path taken so far,

Sony Ericsson K750i cybershot phone , 2MPx was the first one to get my hands on and excitedly got the K810i Cybershot 3.2MPx

college from a 3.2MPx view

Then moving ahead to YARI which had just decent lens and camera….

Remembering the footsteps taken ---5MPx

Then moved to Canon SX30IS (14MPx) and story is going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………

Recently got a 8MPx phone which looks decent for now.

Thats not sensational bt shot from HTC sensation

A new addition to the family 😀

"Gorilla"pod can stick to any branch firmly


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  1. Great.. Keep rocking bro 🙂

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