"JƱƧƮ ƥƕƟƫƠǤȓᾀῤⱨỷ"

It finally rained in Bangalore when I was on my way to a rain forest which has received just 1/7th of its normal rainfall. As I went into the forest, Vodafone didn’t follow but leeches followed all the way where ever I went inside 😀
May it be the tents without electricity, damn cold water to bath, snakes, frogs, spiders or all the reptiles made the whole new experience of going wild. It was good to have crazy photographers who torched and flashed all the small creatures till they go blind for nice macro shots 😉 I was just lucky to be the only one who managed without donating blood to the leeches 😛

Our Den, the tent and sleeping bag under the rain !!

Camouflaged…. Was real tough to spot this

Only the guides can spot this…..

Love the macro shot without the macro lens

Beautiful Fungus

Change of colors

kundadri hill, the highest point

Love the orange.

This spider is ‘amazing’!!!


Comments on: "Agumbe… A wild experience" (5)

  1. awesome place 😀

  2. pics bhi bahut achi hain 😛

  3. chaitanya said:

    awesome shots with great detail , Going wild has its own pleasure . nice to see the artistic angle in you.perfectooooo!!!!

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