"JƱƧƮ ƥƕƟƫƠǤȓᾀῤⱨỷ"

When any person has a few seconds in the middle of some work, what does he prefer to do ??

After a hard drill of tennis, time left after collecting balls is used by most people to hit some serves.. some people use it for gossip… some try to jump off the net… some try to showcase their strength hitting the balls very high… Do we really think while doing this or its just about doing the thing which we like to do??? I have been wondering about this for quite sometime now…

Even when I work busily on a serious issue @ office I still find a few seconds after I fire a build, or before the processor restarts or whatever where I start looking at some news or facebook or whatever…. The context switch is so fast that we dont even feel something has got switched…

Darkness is as important as light for a good picture.

Darkness is as important as light for a good picture.

Will that small thing really make a difference ?? Definitely YESSS… You keep doing something, but gives a sense of relief at the sametime 🙂 may be because of doing something u like more or u appreciate VARIETY 😉
Doing these small things in breaks are as important as the BIG Important things.. 🙂


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