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Will that small thing make a difference?

When any person has a few seconds in the middle of some work, what does he prefer to do ??

After a hard drill of tennis, time left after collecting balls is used by most people to hit some serves.. some people use it for gossip… some try to jump off the net… some try to showcase their strength hitting the balls very high… Do we really think while doing this or its just about doing the thing which we like to do??? I have been wondering about this for quite sometime now…

Even when I work busily on a serious issue @ office I still find a few seconds after I fire a build, or before the processor restarts or whatever where I start looking at some news or facebook or whatever…. The context switch is so fast that we dont even feel something has got switched…

Darkness is as important as light for a good picture.

Darkness is as important as light for a good picture.

Will that small thing really make a difference ?? Definitely YESSS… You keep doing something, but gives a sense of relief at the sametime 🙂 may be because of doing something u like more or u appreciate VARIETY 😉
Doing these small things in breaks are as important as the BIG Important things.. 🙂


Agumbe… A wild experience

It finally rained in Bangalore when I was on my way to a rain forest which has received just 1/7th of its normal rainfall. As I went into the forest, Vodafone didn’t follow but leeches followed all the way where ever I went inside 😀
May it be the tents without electricity, damn cold water to bath, snakes, frogs, spiders or all the reptiles made the whole new experience of going wild. It was good to have crazy photographers who torched and flashed all the small creatures till they go blind for nice macro shots 😉 I was just lucky to be the only one who managed without donating blood to the leeches 😛

Our Den, the tent and sleeping bag under the rain !!

Camouflaged…. Was real tough to spot this

Only the guides can spot this…..

Love the macro shot without the macro lens

Beautiful Fungus

Change of colors

kundadri hill, the highest point

Love the orange.

This spider is ‘amazing’!!!

naadan parindey :P

I always fancied writing the lens used when I went through the pics of expert fotografers. I hope I can do that soon when I have enough lens with my new Canon EOS1100D.

As any tiger would do, with my new camera I am crouching a bit to take a big leap forward :D. Yes pictures I am posting now may not be as attractive as that of my Point and shoot but just trying to get my hands on :). With more than 2 weeks I have just 2 photos to share, as I have been taking more of a non-bloggable pics(portraits) with the new set of lens.

coorg.. the desi scotland

Planning Vs Execution??
As the saying goes, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.” we started our way towards coorg without any idea whatsoever about the stay or the places to visit.

We started following the auto driver blindly to the homestay, in a haunted road and a place where there was no question of a signal which eventually ended up to be a beautiful one in the middle of coffee plantations.:)

Some highlights included boating in the raft :P.
The tea estate was so pretty
Tea Estate Panaroma

The execution was so violent that we were still on the move roaming from place to place till an hour before catching the bus back to bangalore. 😀


A too veryyyyyyyyy well planned trip decided 2hours before driving off to nandi hills, 70 odd kilometers from Bangalore reaching just a bit late for sunrise. Never mind, if you cant photograph too much light after sunrise we can stick to photographing silhouttes.

Exploringg Bangloree..

Count the garden by the flowers that have grown, not by the ones fallen. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll!"

A handsome game and a beautiful course but a boring one 😛

"Flowers are the sweetest thing god ever made and forgot to put the soul"

Shadows shadows shadows, the one which can never part.

Hurray! its 1034 not out…..

Ever felt, a target or a countdown can only build pressure but cant help improve in any way? I never used to care about battery until my mobile started showing me in percentages and graphic showing it going down 😛 I feel ignoring target makes it easy to achieve. This blog has more than ten ton visits now in a month’s time. 😀 😀 😀 hurray!!!

Visitors from across the globe. Thanks to dPs for selecting my pic 🙂

Visitors from across the globe, thanks dPs(digital photography school)

Getting a bit retrospective, having a look at the photographic path taken so far,

Sony Ericsson K750i cybershot phone , 2MPx was the first one to get my hands on and excitedly got the K810i Cybershot 3.2MPx

college from a 3.2MPx view

Then moving ahead to YARI which had just decent lens and camera….

Remembering the footsteps taken ---5MPx

Then moved to Canon SX30IS (14MPx) and story is going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………

Recently got a 8MPx phone which looks decent for now.

Thats not sensational bt shot from HTC sensation

A new addition to the family 😀

"Gorilla"pod can stick to any branch firmly