"JƱƧƮ ƥƕƟƫƠǤȓᾀῤⱨỷ"


Its been a week I hope before I clicked some photos and posted anything here.. zero photos, zero posts and zero views for the last few days on my blog. I got a feeling I am stagnating as I felt like not taking any pictures for quite sometime… But after a weekend break I took some photos on the way to HORSLEY hills, a small hill station 20kms away from Madanapalli. Its always a big pain carrying tripod in buses where its tough for you to stand either. But feel always worth the effort after looking at the pics 😀

Missed buddies a lot on the trip, no fighting:no beating:no teasing….. bt felt “chodyaar trip pe concentrate kar :P”

A trip cant be complete without this 😀
Check out the video:http://youtu.be/RyIEx_c68hc


Ever heard of deamons getting their powers only in the dark???
Even photographers are like those deamons with magic powers during these magic hours… 😛
The first and the last hour of daylight are both often referred to as the “magic hour”. The “magic hour”
light makes every colour that it illuminates look brighter, more vivid and gives it a tinge that ranges from red and deep orange.
Some of the amazing twilight photos:

A good song doesn’t need chorus every time… Solo also sounds real sweet.. 🙂
Many-a-times lot of things appear creative randomlyy.. 🙂 Sharing a fewwww…

Inspiring India

Taken from a raft at Rishikesh which is 200kms away from New Delhi, has the longest white water rafting site and the tallest bunjee jumping site in India. Need still hands in a shaking raft.

A small kayak in the middle of the mighty "GANGES"

  • Nestled in the middle of the western ghats is the holy beautiful city of Pushkar. Captured in the magic hours, just before sunset is this panaroma of three pictures. If you are a foodie, this place has some of the tastiest ones for you.

    The Town, The Lake and The Mountains..

  • This place is TRIUND, near dharamshala the home of DALAI LAMA which took 9.5kms trek and 4hrs time to make it to the top. The view of the hills, shadows of the clouds, snowy mountains made even the mule so beautiful to watch. Tried capturing the shadows by keeping the light low using lower shutter speed and finally a little of HDR processing did the trick.

    Path to enlightenment. Stay Hungry, Stay foolish and be happy 🙂

    Dusk or Dawn??

    Photography is all about controlling lighttttttt!!! Just changing light, exposure levels can make a dull picture quite interesting….
    Some interesting pictures carved out by the BIG DADDY of Light, THE SUN 😀

    Back2Back BDay’s

    I am Aquarius, no I am Pisces, no Cusp no no NO NO….. :S :S :S whatever may be the zodiac sign, we had great great fun with back2back birthdays :). Two additional friends joined the party other than harsh and daku, donkey and the OWL :D. You wont believe but I cant take all the gifts in a single hand.. Harmonica, soft toys, chocolates, muffler, coffee mug, sketches etc., etc., etc.,……….. One was a surprise party and the other was made SURRRRPRISING 😉 Went Salsa Salsa not for dancing 😛 but for having fajitas, chimichanga, pasta blah blah blah ( Dont ask me to pronounce these things ;-))… We had Harsh Rahman(desi version) setting the tunes for the concert on the guitar and to make some noise on the keyboard, harmonica me and dakU 🙂

    A Few Screenshots of the day 🙂

    A glimse of the parties at youtube:D

    360 panaromas..

    Now-a-days android phones have come up with applications to create these 360 degree panaroma easily just by moving smoothly, but as we know automatic can tend to be as good as manual, but can never reach the best achieved by manual 😉

    I saved 200euros(for professional software) and 50$ for video hosting :D. Guys, I didnt pirate any of them for your info, but found out a desi jugaad (workaround) to avoid spending money. To save these bucks, there have been so many clouds(ideas) popping up but not raining. Finally this cloud did the job for me 🙂

    To have a look at the panaromas, click on the image and download the excel. I am not a thief so turn off any security concerns raised by excel :P.

    Dharamshala Stadium such a picturesque, which I am very sure would confuse the audience to watch cricket or the beauty :S

    Rishikesh, just after the rafting