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Have you heard of a photos lasting for few minutes or for that matter, videos made by combining a few photos??
Initially these questions never made any sense to me. But later when I saw some amazing examples of these techniques I became passionate of making a few..

In the pic above, I hope you agree that a wall clock can’t have five second’s hand :S This is an example of a 5sec long pic 🙂

Timelapse video, I hope there would be no one who has not seen these but would have never thought about the making.. If I recall I think we might have seen these videos even in 90’s movies definitely..
Ever seen a sun setting very fast and moon rising?? yeah you are right, to show change of seasons or to show dawn of a new day this technique has been used…

I had more exciting experience making it, as my point and shoot camera which I have baptized into a pseudo SLR by loading a custom firmware which can run scripts, which has a terminal, customize anything, override every setting, break any ruleeee 😛 sounds more like a Linux box heheehe..

Finally after nurturing all these seeds, I got a few saplings outt…
check out:
Sunset @ Ajmer
Same Moon, different view 🙂
Sunset @ Gurgaon